Soldier of Fortune II   

SoF2 INF tournament launched 
March 01, 2003 @ 2:03 PM 
Well folks, it is finaly here. The XSGamers Classic Soldier of Fortune 2 tournament has launched! Within the next couple of days we will be taking admin applications. If you think you could be a good admin, send an email to with the following information.

1) Full name
2) Game alias
3) Contact Email

In the email please set the subject as "Admin Application". Once we recieve this information, we will send you a reply with some questions. Upon recieving the replies to the questions, our admins will evaluate each and every one and then pick the people they best feel fit for the job.

Ok now for information on signing your team up for the tournament. To sign up, please go through the following steps...

1) Click Login/Out
2) Create a Team
3) Remember your team pass
4) Have all your team "join a team"
5) Have them select your teams name from the dropdown
6) Enter the team password & other info

Once this is complete, your team will be added to our list. All teams will be added to the bracket at once(when the signups are over). This is first come first serve, so signup while you still can :).

Have fun!!

Server List

del[Psycho]'s Playhouse (east)
del[psycho]'s playhouse 2 (central)
EarthQuake - DE.EVOLVED.LOGIC (west)
Server 4

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