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Planetside 2 Beta Key give-away. Live on Twitch.tv/XSGamers

by Gaz on Sep 29, 2012 at 07:39 PM
On 2nd October we'll be giving away some Beta keys for Planetside 2 live on our gaming stream on www.Twitch.tv/XSGamers

Spread the word & get people to watch the stream as we'll be randomly giving away keys during the stream. We'll not reveal how many or how often, but there's a few to give away.

Tune in & keep watching to have a chance to grab a key


2nd October - 7:30PM UK time
I only witnessed a little bit of the stream due to some splashy-splashy but it seemed there was some good attention and interaction with Luperza of the PS2 dev crew so I guess it's been a good event!

Great job for organizing it Gaz, well done!
Sounds sweet from what Bas reports! I only wish I could've attenden, but I completely forgot about our monthly meeting at the dorm

I hope it went great, but I am curious as to how many viewer we had approximately?

I hope you guys had a great time!