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by Gaz on Jan 21, 2014 at 11:16 PM

The new Organisations are launched on RSI, so we need all Corp members to sign up and join in on the page.

Let me know in the little text box who you are, as the player names on RSI don't always match with user names on XSGamers.

by Gaz on Jan 02, 2014 at 11:23 PM

Build your life from the Dust of the land.

Protect your life from the Dangers of the land.

Live your life in the Changing of the land.

But don't Rust in the Dust!

Rust is available on Steam - RUST - £14.99 (alpha)

50 slot UK server - Kindly donated by XSGamer, Bubs!

by Gaz on Jan 01, 2014 at 03:16 PM

If you go down into the woods of Chernau today, you're sure of a BIG surprise....

XSGamers arrives in DayZ standalone..... be scared, we might actually kill something!

by Gaz on Nov 25, 2013 at 09:42 PM

On November 26th, we will start the second year off with a bang! Chris Roberts and the Star Citizen team will host a four-hour livestream starting at 11 AM PST (7PM GMT) which will feature the latest news and information, plus a chance to get your questions answered! We will also unveil the first details on the next assortment of ships, as we did at the first livestream! Like the original group, these ships will be offered for sale on special occasions… including some which will be purchasable for the first time on the 26th! There will also be a limited number of LTI Idris-P corvettes available for sale to all users, offered in four allotments throughout the day to allow Citizens around the world a chance at purchasing these rare ships.

Please be reminded that all these sales are to fund the development of the game and make the universe bigger and richer. We don’t care about making profits for public shareholders. We just care about making the Best Damn Space Sim Ever and you generous support has already allowed us to go way beyond what we thought would be possible upon initial release!
by Gaz on Oct 28, 2013 at 11:58 PM



Look them up in Battlelog and add them to your Favourites!
by Bas on Sep 12, 2013 at 03:23 PM

Unearth the depth of Gríma Wormtongue's treachery, unravel a mystery weaved through the war-torn Westemnet, and defend the fortress at Helm's Deep.

Rohan's once-serene fields are fraught with gruesome evil among roaring fires that burn the pillaged lands. Heroes are needed to stand against fell deeds in these treacherous times.

War thunders across Middle-earth! You and your fellows must charge into Epic Battles of unmatched scale and scope to save the lands of the Free Peoples. Your choices have consequences that shape the nature of each battle, but also yield amazing rewards for the worthy.

Choose your path to triumph and power with new class Trait Trees and roles that are more true to the legends of Middle-earth than ever before.
by Bas on Aug 22, 2013 at 09:04 AM
TRANSCRIPT: Twitter Dev Chat August 21, 2013 - Class Changes
Members of the LOTRO team answered over 40 questions during a recent live developer chat on twitter. The focus was on the Class Changes coming with Helm’s Deep this fall.

The members of the dev team who took part, and what they’re working on.

Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti - Lead Systems Designer (Classes)
Jared “Amlug”Hall-Dugas – Senior Designer (MTX)
Trevor “Jinjaah” McEwen – Associate Systems Designer (Classes)
Erika “Deviled_Egg” Ng – Associate Systems Designer (Classes)
Rick "Sapience" Heaton - Community Manager

Hi Everyone, we're going to start just a little early with questions submitted via the forums. Here we go!

Q1: Are the current virtues and traits being incorporated into the new system at all?
A1: HoarseDev: Virtues will remain mostly the same. Traits are now completely rolled into the new system.

Q2: How will these changes effect Mounted combat? Are those skils getting a revamp as well?
A2: Deviled_Egg: Any benefits gained from these new traits will be isolated from Mounted Combat.

Q3: Using war-steeds as a template, how will trait points be earned and spent on trait trees?
A3: HoarseDev: You’ll earn a point every other level. You’ll also earn points from some deeds.
A3a:You’ll choose a specialization at an early level that will grant specific bonuses and affect the cost of traits as you spend them

Q4: Are you going to revamp combat animations too?
A4: Jinjaah: We are addressing animations on a case by case basis.
A4a: Some are far too long and are being shortened to increase responsiveness.
A4b: Ferocious Strikes for Champions is an example of this.

Q5: For players who spent TP to unlock trait slots, how will you convert our existing purchases to the new system?
A5: HoarseDev: Your specialization choice gives you access to bonuses as you spend points.
A5a: These are unlocked in the same way as the old slots and those purchases carry over to the new system.

Q6: Will we be able to save different trait set-ups? If so, how many?
A6: HoarseDev: Two set-ups to start. You can purchase more if you like.

Q7: How much of this new system is going to be gated behind the LOTRO Store?
A7: HoarseDev: Only the slots similar to the old Premium/F2P purchases and additional builds after the two you get for free.

Q8: Will the update allow us to use 4 legendary traits at the same time?
A8: HoarseDev: No, but the ones you have will be more potent.
A8a: Deviled_Egg: Legendary traits are now a part of each trait tree, and are available for purchase at the end of the tree.
A8b: There is also a Legendary Passive bonus that depends on your specialization.
A8c: This will be unlocked when you spend a certain number of points overall.

Q9: Will the new traits system be offered to creeps too?
A9: Jinjaah: Creeps will be getting Corruption Set Bonuses but not full on trait trees.

Q10: Will there be detailed dev diaries on the upcoming class/system changes before HD release?
A10: Deviled_Egg: We are planning to release dev diaries for each class.
A10a: Sapience: I see many long hours of editing in my future...

Q11: What was the primary driver(s) for this change?
A11: Jinjaah: I think there were two main things that drove these changes:
A11a: 1. We wanted to design the trait trees in such a way that as soon as you leave the intro,
A11b: your trait line starts to play as it was envisioned instead of later on down the road when you began to collect traits.
A11c: 2. We really wanted each trait line to sort of stand out from the rest and reduce some of the class homogenization
A11d: that had slowly occurred over the years.

Q12: Will retraiting still require our character visiting a bard/class trainer? (Hope not)
A12: Jinjaah: Nope! Respeccing your trait tree can be done on the fly so long as you are out of combat.
A12a: Deviled_Egg: The process is similar to how you re-trait in Mounted Combat

Q13: Can minstrels still switch (with in game silver) between being as strong as possible War-speech minstrels who can enjoy all the solo content of the game, and as strong as possible healers who'll get invited to Instances and Raids?
A13: HoarseDev: You can switch builds with silver.

Q14: Will there be a new class added to the game?
A14: HoarseDev: Not for Helm’s Deep.

Q15: Using all of their points, on average how many active skills does a 85 toon have?
A15: Jinjaah: Our goal, and it isn’t the same across the board, is for all classes to have around 20 skills after spending all their points.
A15a: Things like travel paths will not count towards this cap.

Q16: will the class changes affect LI's and Legacies at all?
A16: HoarseDev: Ugh, we have a lot of updating to do.

Q17: How will the new system afford us the same flexibility we have now, without buying many trait sets through the store?
A17: Jinjaah: A lot of time and effort was put into the construction of the trees to encourage spending points
A17a: in trees that you did not specialize in.
A17b: The new system should offer various forms of hybridization to explore.

Q18: Will the class changes mean a L95 character may be less potent (healing/damage) than an corresponding L85 character?
A18: HoarseDev: They'll be more potent in their specialization. This will come at the cost of broad utility.

Q19: Is there going to be any effort to streamline the Warden's massive (and convoluted) abilitiy list?
A19: DeviledEgg In short, yes. Some gambits are being trimmed, some are being placed in different specialization.
A19a: The total number of gambits will be decided by how you choose to specialize.

Q20: Can you give some specific examples of specializations?
A20: Jinjaah The hunter could choose between the bowmaster or huntsman.
A20a: Huntsman has less range, but can induct on the move.
A20b: Where the bowmaster has much greater range, but must plant his feet to deal damage.

Q21: Hunters currently have a lot of skills. Will there be skill consolidation?
A21: JinJaah Yes. There is some skill consolidation to reduce the overall skill count to around 20.
A21a: Per specialization. Travel skills won't count towards that number.

Q22: can we change specializations later or is this a 1-time choice?
A22: DeviledEGG Yes you can change your specializations. Respecing your tree will also allow you to choose a new specialization.

Q23: Will skills still be purchased from the trainer or gained from the tree?
A23: JinJaah Some will be gained from the tree, others will be auto-granted based on level.

Q24: Will there be dramatic changes to the skills we have, and will there be skills specific to our trait lines?
A24: All: Yes and yes!

Q25: Will new characters be able to see all the traits/skills before choosing a specialization?
A25: HoarseDev Yes. You'll be able to see all specializations and trees before deciding.

Q26: will players have to sacrifice surviveability for damage?
A26: HoarseDev. Yes and vice versa. Though there is room to dip into both.

Q27: You guys keep saying specialization will be chosen at a low level & bonuses granted. Initially, what can we expect with toons at 85?
A27: DeviledEGG We'll autogrant you the correct number of points for your level.
A27a: Deeds that previously gave traits will give trait points.
A27b: You can choose your specialization and spend your points when you login when HD goes live.

Q28: How different will the play style of our characters be with the changes to how they play now?
A28: DeviledEgg They'll still feel like the class you know, just better versions.
A28a: Jinjaah They should feel better catered to the role they were destined to fill.

Q29: Will certain currently unused trait lines, eg the yellow hunter line, change role?
A29: Jinjaah Traitlines like the hunter's yellow line are being revamped more than others.
A29a: DeviledEGG In general we want each traitline to feel just as good as the next.

Q30: Classes like cappies and champs are considered off-tanks. Will these changes move them closer or further from being "real" tanks?
A30: DeviledEGG Each tanking specialization will be effective, but in its own way.

Q31: Will all hunter traps become skills and are there going to be more traps available as they have potential but are underrated
A31: Jinjahh Hunter traps are becoming skills.
A31a: They will be usable in combat and some have had their potency changed to make them feel less 'underrated'.

Q32: What about creeps classes and traits?
A32: Jinjaah Creeps will be getting corruption set bonuses.
A32a: These bonuses give various buffs and effects based on the corruptions slotted.

Q33: To respec for silver, will we have to refund and respend all points, or just the parts we want to change?
A33: HoarseDev It's all or nothing.

Q34: Will the trap skills share a common cool down?
A34: Jinjaah No, they will each have their own cool down.

Q35: Can we expect increase of power and abilities from under-power Lore-Master Pets and Captain Herald?
A35: DeviledEGG We are trying to better balance the potency of LM pets and Capt. Heralds.

Q36: Can you tell us any timeframes? For dev diaries, beta testing of changes
A36: Sapience You can expect to see them "Soon". You'll get an 11.3 Dev diary first. End of the week.

Q37: Will we still have "use skill X" deeds, legendary trait page deeds and quests? Will they now reward trait points?
A37: DeviledEGG Completing these deeds will now reward trait points.
A37a: Jinjaah If you have already completed these deeds, your progress will be carried over.

Q38: Recently chickens & a referee have been spotted at the Hobnanigans field again. Will this event be returning soon?
A38: Amlug WE're working on it. WE have no ETA, but we'd like to see this make a return.

Q39: Will all trait lines still be auto-unlocked for VIPs?
A39: Hoarsedev Yes they will.

Q40: What's being done to address the current in game lag and severity of it?
A40: Sapience Some changes are going in to address mounted combat lag with Update 11.3.
A40a: We also continue to add more monitoring tools to help isolate other issues.

Q41: What about the disparity in the class deeds,, with changes in levels for skills and the like some can complete faster than others.
A41: DeviledEGG We're aware of this issue and we're addressing it.

That's all the time we have today! Thanks for all the great questions. A transcript will be posted to the forums shortly.

Official forum thread:
by Gaz on Aug 14, 2013 at 07:29 PM
Mark Gascoine, one of our members, is asking for help.. His dog suffers from a severe pneumonia and the treatment is not cheap.. As XSGamers stands for helping out fellow members where possible we like to ask you all to see if you could spare some amount even if it's only small to help out one of our own.
He is raising money through a crowdfunding organisation GiveForward which is dedicated to help people crowdfund medical treatments.

If you can spare anything, this is the site where you can donate if you want.

Please don't feel obligated to donate, just know Mark and his wife Sarah will be forever thankful.

Kora is a short hair Saint Bernard battling a severe case of pneumonia. We are asking your assistance to continue her treatment.
Kora is a shelter dog, an underdog, and a shining example in the power of unconditional love and loyalty. She is our constant companion, a lover of people, dogs and cats alike, the epitome of a gentle giant. We found and adopted her in 2007. Below is a brief overview of her troubled history but I first want to explain why we are asking you; calling for Saints and lovers of animals alike, to help us save our Saint. No donation is too small to help make a difference, anything you can give will be treasured. Two weeks ago Kora developed a cough, which, despite aggressive antibiotics and a seeming recovery, progressed into pneumonia. The medicines dehydrated her, disguising the progressing symptoms; until she collapsed two days ago. She.. read more
by Gaz on Jun 14, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Now Online!

In keeping with our diversity here at XSGamers we're running a new Terraria server for all our members to enjoy.

Join in, dig up the world, find Hell & more besides...

Port: 7777
Password: (Posted in XSG members only forum)

by Gaz on Jun 11, 2013 at 04:02 PM
During E3 2013, you will be able to see the latest news on Battlefield 4. But we wouldn’t be here without our amazing fans. As a special thank you — and to celebrate the fact that you have played Battlefield 3 collective for 1 billion hours — we have a few promotions during E3 week that we hope you’ll like. Full details below.

As a thanks for playing Battlefield 3, Battleifeld 3 Close Quarters will be available to you at no cost during E3! Look for an in-game message and make sure you redeem this offer before E3 week is over (June 18 or 19 depending on your region and platform). We are also offering Battlefield 3 Premium at half price during this time period. You will find Battlefield 3 Close Quarters at 0 cost in the in-game store on PS3 and X360 starting June 10. If you’re on PC, you can find it at 0 cost in the Origin app. This offer will be automatically visible to you if don’t already own Battlefield 3 Premium or the expansion pack in question.

For those of you who are already Battlefield 3 Premium members, we’re happy to announce that we will invite you to the upcoming exclusive Battlefield 4 beta. We are also running an entire week (144 hours) of double XP in Battlefield 3 during E3. Finally, we are unlocking the exclusive Battlefield 3 “Tombstone Squad” dog tag for you as you are reading this. If you’re not Premium yet, now is a great time to join our millions of members — during E3 week, Battlefield 3 Premium is 50% off. Head here to get Battlefield 3 Premium at 50% off on Origin.

Once again, thanks for all your support over the years. We’ll see you on the Battlefield!

Premium Exclusive Double XP Event
Start time: 2AM June 11 PDT
Running time total: 144 hours
Who: Premium members only
Game: Battlefield 3, any maps and expansion pack(s)
What: Double XP on any ranked servers

Premium Exclusive Tombstone Squad Dog Tag
What: Premium exclusive dog tag in Battlefield 3
When: Unlocked for all Battlefield 3 Premium members during June 10

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters at no cost
What: The expansion pack Battlefield 3 Close Quarters is set to 0 cost during E3
Eligible players: Owners of Battlefield 3 that do not own the expansion pack in question or Battlefield 3 Premium
Platforms: All (PC, X360, PS3)
Start date: June 10
End date: June 18/19 depending on region and platform — get it now!
Where: Available starting June 10 in your in-game store (on consoles) or via Origin for PC. In your Origin app, enter the “Redeem Code” menu and enter this code: BF3E3
This will allow you to download Close Quarters at no cost.

by Gaz on Jun 10, 2013 at 05:15 PM

One of our illustrious members hit the TV screens today as an expert analyst on the food market.

Anya who's a long time member of the Gnomes (our LOTRO Kinship) was featured on Bloomberg this morning talking about the sales of McDonalds & the fast food market.

She even sounded like she knew what she was talking about as well.

See the video here....

Congrats Anya
by Gaz on May 20, 2013 at 07:42 PM

We've grown in numbers & made new friends but we need to know more.

Over the next few weeks we'll be having a few Player Profile Q&A's with members from all our Guilds/Outfits/Kinships.

Time to meet the members behind the avatars........ Stay Tuned!

Coming Soon ™
by Bas on May 14, 2013 at 10:14 AM
It's time for a good old Horse Race!

Get your horses fed, rested and cleaned for this Gnome Horse Race!
This year we'll be doing a race through the North Downs!

Starting point will be the burned town of Trestlebridge and the finish line will be the path to Angmar in the back of the Hillmen camp Ost Crithlanc (7.6S 35W).
If you look at the map of the North Downs you'll see there's a few ways people can travel.
Remember that you don't have to be out of level range with the enemies (45+ will give you free passage) but it will make things easier!

Will you be the fastest and get a place in our Hall of Fame as Top Gnome in the race of 2013?

Read up on the race here or...

by Gaz on Apr 30, 2013 at 06:18 PM

We have a new 50 slot TS3 server coming online so expect a little bit of downtime while the old server goes offline & the new one takes it's place.

Unfortunately due to not being able to move the database over with all the log in details it'll be a fresh start for everyone.

More details coming soon......