X S L i n k s
Threewave CTFS
threewave.com - official Threewave website
w3wt.xsgamers.com - the only tournament worth playing - #w3wt

Soldier of Fortune II
ravensoft.com - SoF2 developers website - #sof2
sof2news.com - keep updated with current community news
planetsoldier.com - planet quake's SoF2 division
sof2files.com - files you need for SoF2 :)
quakeshit.com - a highly played on server
frageasyrider.com - a highly played on server

#scrimnet - wrd :)

Counter Strike
counter-strike.net - official Counter Strike website
csnation.counter-strike.net - website with misc stuff
cal-cs.com - website with misc stuff
totallyowned.com - great hosting service

#counter-strike - official channel
#dreamvision - very good flash/web design

Battlefield 1942
battlefield1942.com - official Battlefield 1942 website