X S N e w b  l i s t
Newb #1
Game alias: )Los Jefes( Knowledge^
WONID: 992005
Info: Well, me and majin were playing on the XSGamers CS server, also known as 'The Spank Bank' and this guy came in and we started to play. Once me and majin stopped saving money and bought guns, it was all over for him. I came around the corner and owned him constantly and here's what was said in chat.

  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : now how did you know i was there?
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : wall hack much?
  MansHoleman : no, dont whine
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : lmao
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : you have a wall hack dude
  MansHoleman : no.
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : theres NO way you knew i was there.
  -- from what has been said I'm sure you will all note that this guy is just another whining newb ... the fuckin moron went to the same spot 3 times.
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : i made NO sound.
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : you have a wall hack.
  *** MansHoleman killed )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ with a headshot from m4a1 ***
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : dude
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ : you in a clan?
  MansHoleman : clan jefes sucks
  MansHoleman : ok, im done with your newb ass
  ]rcon kick #19
  )Los Jefes( Knowledge^ has left the game
  -- In cs it says they have left the game if they are kicked, banned etc... anyways, another newbie ownt :|