X S N e w s



Alright, well I haven't updated this in a long time, and del has NEVER added a news post *cough* slacker *cough*. Well maybe I should update you on some recent things! We have aquired quite a few new fgts, and I'm happy to say that I've had the honor of sleeping with each and every one... Now with that aside, I'll name off the new guys:D Please welcome, *drum roll*

Symbolic, syztem, cl0ckwork, emmortal, kaption, memento, napalm, redfury, and sekira(YAY HES BACKZ!) ... As you can see, delirium went to town on recruiting "1 or 2 more actives" but I really like these guys so it doesn't matter.

My next order of business is to give you a run down on a couple recent matches, (by recent i mean last night LOLZ).
I'd like to congradulate the XSG east/central team in beaing EtS 2-0(19-9 13-11) I'd give you some screenshots but delirium was too afraid the big bad bullies in threewave would make fun of him as I hear he didnt have a career game :) <3.

Next we have the XSGamers west vs SoD ... what can I say, SoD has a good attitude and it was a pleasure to play them... XSG west defeated SoD in their first match together 2-0(43-2, 35-6). Screenshots are available: game1 , game2.

XSGamers is starting an OSP ctf team, so if you think you have what it takes, give delirium a private message in #XSGamers on ETG. GGs to all whom we played, oh and kyle, i love you.

-- fusion