X S N e w s


An update on some recent events...

Well, recently CAL posted an article with the assumption that nailbunny and travis from xsg are both former cheaters that went by the names tinker and downside. There goes CAL with another mistake that I'm sure they will feel stupid about in the end... and of course, you get these little retards within the community coming in your channel and spamming stupid shit, but I won't name any of the faggots (kidA & Vampire). Obviously nw's pussy was still sore from the last time we raped them because they come in our channel and are like "GUESS WHO GOT CAUGHT HACKING, and posted the link in the channel to the CAL site". Great job kidA, but it seems like you failed to read/understand what the article said... but it's alright, you're a fuckin moron so I will let it go. The article basicly states they have some past aliases of downsides/tinkers that matches some of the aliases that nail/trav have used and their IP's are similiar. I'm guessing you are thinking "ok, so it looks like its a possibility they are the same people, but there is no evidence linking them", yeah exactly, thats just like assuming that I could be zero4's fucking lost cousin with 2x the skill ... Not really but come on now, I guess CAL sports the new "guilty until proven innocent" trend, which was previously mastered by smf>>dex (gg). Once I told kidA he would feel retarded when this is all cleared up he couldn't come up with a valid argument so he reached into his small bag of comebacks and came out with the ever-so-popular line "what are you, 14?". Ok, we need to give bonus points here to kidA for originality and probably making himself look like a dumbfuck in a public channel.

On a side note, even if nail/trav were who the retards at CAL thinks they are, that really doesn't mean jack shit for threewave... I don't see downs1de's or tinkers names on ANY banlists for threewave, so I'll give a round of GT's to nuclear weenies and their little fan club who came into our channel trying to act all hard.

-- fusion