X S N e w s


OGL #1 run defense

Well tonight we played team allping in an OGL match to defend our #1 rung... After waiting 30 minutes for everyone to get in the server and situated, we finaly began. Things didn't look too good for us at first, not only because I was the only one on our team under 80 ping, but because allping took an early 5-1 lead. After drew from allping went 999 and we had to wait 5+ minutes for another ap to connect, we finaly got the match going again. When everything got settled down, we went on a 11-0 point run winning the map 12-5.

It was time to change servers and being the picky bitch I am, I decided not to play. I'm not exactly sure what happened the second map, but I heard we came back from behind and defeated ap 2-0 overall.

GGs to allping, hope to play you guys again soon(w/out the damn delays guys :))

As for me, I'm happy to be playing _some_ threewave again, even if it is only on west servers... It gives me a little break from the ever-so-boring ra3 scene :).

-- fusion