X S N e w s



Well there are quite a few things have gone down since the last post, one being the disban of the CS team. Things didn't work out, and some things were said when some members were drunk, leading to frustration and then eventually the disban of the team. I cannot help but blame it on myself for not being there that week, BUT OH WELL, SHIT HAPPENS.

Another would be us claiming the #1 spot on ogl... even though its just OGL i thought we should put it on the site, GG -nw-.

Now, heres a little "chat" i had on the gamespy arcade VIRTUAL POOL 3 lobby. Well actually i messaged the guy, GLHF.

BTW, I'm Cyclone(my brothers account)
Cyclone: you suck at vp3
the-d-the-o-the-g: teh i know
the-d-the-o-the-g: yeh
Cyclone: YEAH, thats right
the-d-the-o-the-g: lack of practice
Cyclone: who's your daddy!
the-d-the-o-the-g: but im making a come back soon
the-d-the-o-the-g: on here lol
the-d-the-o-the-g: or do u mean out in the real word
Cyclone: BOTH
the-d-the-o-the-g: who knows
Cyclone: do you spend the majority of your computer time playing vp3 or looking at porn?
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: errrrr
the-d-the-o-the-g: none
the-d-the-o-the-g: i dont play much pool now
the-d-the-o-the-g: couple of frames a day
Cyclone: so porno it is?
the-d-the-o-the-g: nah
the-d-the-o-the-g: who 2 fk are u
Cyclone: I am the alpha
Cyclone: I am the omega
Cyclone: I AM GOD
Cyclone: So, what kind of porno do you look at?
the-d-the-o-the-g: o ur pat then lol
Cyclone: I prefer looking at midget
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: hahahhahaaa
the-d-the-o-the-g: ur weird
Cyclone: What, you can't say a little midget with elf ears doesn't turn you on
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: o ya its me fav lol
Cyclone: What do you look for in a man? Nice ***, or dependability
the-d-the-o-the-g: fk u u noofter
the-d-the-o-the-g: i aint a bender
Cyclone: You can call me whatever you want baby
the-d-the-o-the-g: im straight
Cyclone: You sure? I saw those pictures
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: what pics
Cyclone: The one of you bending like a pretzel with something ... erm ... large in your oral area
the-d-the-o-the-g: ffs
the-d-the-o-the-g: nah wasnt me mna
the-d-the-o-the-g: man
Cyclone: WHAT
Cyclone: I was told it was you
Cyclone: :(
the-d-the-o-the-g: no it musta been ur reflection lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: mirrors dont tell lies lol
the-d-the-o-the-g: ty
Cyclone: so do you want to make out now, or after the sex?
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: who are u
Cyclone: We allready went through this
Cyclone: Do you not listen sexy?
the-d-the-o-the-g: what are u on about
the-d-the-o-the-g: who are u
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
Cyclone: I'm whoever you want me to be big boy.
Cyclone: you can call me
Cyclone: Jackswell
the-d-the-o-the-g: yeh thats right im so fkin sexy when i get my pic up my dick will be ringing lmao muhahahahhahahaha
the-d-the-o-the-g: pfffffffff
Cyclone: Are you american?
the-d-the-o-the-g: naaah
Cyclone: Because you type like you're from Europe
Cyclone: Improper english and such
the-d-the-o-the-g: yeh im english
Cyclone: because that sentense you typed makes no sense what so ever :/
Cyclone: I heard english men like to have 3some gaysex orgy's
Cyclone: do you sir?
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: aur a card
Cyclone: "aur a card" does that roughly translate to "I'm a 14 year old pimple faced loser, smack me" ?
Cyclone: :)
the-d-the-o-the-g: no it means ur the 53rd card in the deck a fkin JOKERRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Cyclone: Oh, another english saying

-- this was getting boring, had to turn up the HEAT!@%! --

Cyclone: Would you like to be my lover?
the-d-the-o-the-g: u mean cyber
Cyclone: yes
the-d-the-o-the-g: no thanks
Cyclone: Do you want to cyber sir?
Cyclone: I'm really a female :)
the-d-the-o-the-g: no i fkin dont
the-d-the-o-the-g: are u
the-d-the-o-the-g: why didnt u say so

-- is this guy stupid? Not only did i pretty much tell him i was a guy, my profile says my name is Kevin, i'm a male and I like gaysex --

Cyclone: Yes, I have quite large breasts also :/
Cyclone: Are you sure you don't want to cyber
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: hissssssssssss

-- WTF? --

Cyclone: Do you or not, if not I will go somewhere else for the time being
the-d-the-o-the-g: i shrugged i hissed
the-d-the-o-the-g: they all tryed to diss
the-d-the-o-the-g: and id et them back
the-d-the-o-the-g: if i had 1 wish
Cyclone: now make love to me.
the-d-the-o-the-g: lol
Cyclone: ok?
Cyclone: your turn.
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao
the-d-the-o-the-g: is that how it goes lmfffffffffffffao
the-d-the-o-the-g: i take out my
the-d-the-o-the-g: chalk
Cyclone: You're chalk? Oh are you going to write all over me, you dirty boy

-- obviously he meant cock, fuckin euro --

Cyclone: I slowly take off my pants and see what you are going to do
the-d-the-o-the-g: i get closr to you and look in your eye
Cyclone: I take the patch off my other eye so that you can see what had happened
the-d-the-o-the-g: wtf?
Cyclone: Once my pants are off, i proceed to my underwear, I whip out my big cock and slap you in the face
the-d-the-o-the-g: heh
the-d-the-o-the-g: wtf? you said you were a girl
Cyclone: I am, you don't like chicks with dicks?
Cyclone: can we finish this please
Cyclone: I'm a fairly attractive woman
Cyclone: and my penis is quite large
the-d-the-o-the-g: lol
the-d-the-o-the-g: are u really

-- Ok, did he not see the part about the penis? I was suppose to freak this guy out, it looks like he's startin to freak me out. --

Cyclone: Yes, or so I'm told
the-d-the-o-the-g: o
the-d-the-o-the-g: u couldnt beat me lol

-- beat him? wtf is this moron talking about --

Cyclone: Can we finish now? Let me restate where we left off, "I whip out my large penis and slap you in the face"
the-d-the-o-the-g: do u know how old iam
the-d-the-o-the-g: are u tryin to corrupt me lol
Cyclone: How old are you?
the-d-the-o-the-g: 18
Cyclone: I'm 17
Cyclone: ..., I promise
Cyclone: You can trust me :(

-- Yes, trust a person who pm's you about weird sick shit that you have only known for about 5 minutes --

the-d-the-o-the-g: ok

-- lol? --

the-d-the-o-the-g: listen
the-d-the-o-the-g: i have to go
the-d-the-o-the-g: ill be back in 30 minute
Cyclone: You blow your load allready? damn i'm good
the-d-the-o-the-g: this funny acting cats just trying to do this doggy foul lol

-- uhm, ok, this guy is a fuckin genius... or something --

Cyclone: Bye now
the-d-the-o-the-g: i mean i knowwss real girls yaaaaaaaaaa
Cyclone: I'm sure you do... rofl, doubtfull, unless you're counting your mom
the-d-the-o-the-g: if u say so
the-d-the-o-the-g: ill have the last laugh
Cyclone: byenow
the-d-the-o-the-g: wait
the-d-the-o-the-g: u there

-- lol, he cannot resist --

Cyclone: yes
the-d-the-o-the-g: who are u
the-d-the-o-the-g: telll me
Cyclone: My name is Kate, and I live in Seattle Washington
Cyclone: USA
the-d-the-o-the-g: o ya
Cyclone: if thats all im leaving, since all you have been is rude to me
the-d-the-o-the-g: i remember u

-- he remembers me huh, lol --

Cyclone: I am going to leave
the-d-the-o-the-g: no wait
Cyclone: what, you have hurt my feelings
the-d-the-o-the-g: u called me a cheat before
Cyclone: a cheat? in what?
the-d-the-o-the-g: pool
Cyclone: did you wallhax me in pool?
the-d-the-o-the-g: im sure it was u
the-d-the-o-the-g: maybe not
Cyclone: aimbot?
the-d-the-o-the-g: tho
Cyclone: nemseh autofire?
Cyclone: OGC?
the-d-the-o-the-g: lmao

-- this is getting boring --

the-d-the-o-the-g: what do u look like
Cyclone: I'm fairly tall, well built, I weigh about 250 pounds, and i have a large buldge in my groin area, quite large.
Cyclone: I have long brown hair
the-d-the-o-the-g: hey i have to go
the-d-the-o-the-g: im add you to my list. lets talk in about 30 minute
Cyclone: Ok, well bye, tell your mom i said hi

-- I guess this guy digs chix with dix --

-- fusion