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New member + league updates

To start off, I would like to welcome "Zo" to the counter strike division. I feel that he is a great addition and I personaly feel that it's going to be fun playing with him.

Next I would like to talk about Caleague. I have not had a great past with other divisions in CALeague not to name any names *cough* CAL ra3 *cough* but I felt that if we joined a different division in CAL for a different game, things would be just that ... different. Well in this case it wasn't true. Forfeit after forfeit, half the teams in CAL-Open have fuckin forfeited a million matches in a row and yet they are still scheduled for another match? Why is this? Could it be that the admins don't give a shit about it? Possibly.. Oh and another thing, I emailed the division admin to change my miss-reported scores a few days ago and they STILL have yet to be changed. All I can say is I am not happy with the way CAL is being ran and I think they need to find a different, better way to conduct "business" as they like to call it.

Other than that, life's great, thnx for asking...

-- fusion