X S N e w s


Suprise Suprise Suprise

Yet another week of CAL Open for Counter strike goes by, and yet another forfeit win. Now we must make up 5 matches, which brings us to a total of 8 matches in 3 weeks. This actually sounds easier than it is, because to make up a match we have to find teams that is willing to play us, whom have a forfeit win for the week we got a forfeit win. Most teams are either A) Are inactive, B) Are scheduled for a make up match with someone else, or C) Fear the fuck out of us and won't play!!!... This is really pissing me off as well as the other guys on the team.

As for the CTFS team, we have had some minor changes, but I'll let delirium post about that when the time comes, other than that, GG's to all whom we have played in both CTFS and CS over the past week.

#XSGamers on irc.enterthegame.com & irc.gamesnet.net

-- fusion