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Hi there everyone. I'm Fevy, aka Frank.

I am 22 years old and currently living in Denmark.

I expect "Fevy" to be my character name, but depends if I find anything else. I haven't preordered yet, I am highly considering it, but I've only played for on BETA-weekend so far, and have a code for this weekend, so I will make my decision Sunday.

Now back on track; I have been a gamer for a long time. Since I was 13 years old. Just small games like Heroes of Might and Magic or so, but started playing MMO's a few years later. I have been playing WoW from 2007-2013, until I lost interest in it. But I have always been looking for a new MMO to play, and I think I finally found the one.
I also enjoy playing League of Legends, on the EUW servers, which I have been playing since summer 2010.
I'm casual, like real casual. I always have time to play besides my studies, but I am not a serious raiding kind of guy. I enjoy having some fun and doing some weird stuff, (Achievements ETC). Let's face it, I am the kinda guy who can jump on a Mount with a friend in WoW and run across all Azeroth to get the explorer achievement in 1 night (This was before you could fly in Azeroth).

I found you guys on the Reddit. /r/WSGuilds, and felt like giving it a go.

Warning though: I can talk and do alot ingame, but when it comes to TS3 or stuff like that, I am a bit shy in the beginning. New people and all that.

Well, I guess that was it. If I am missing something, please ask away ^^
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Hi, Frank.

Welcome to WEIRD and XSG. Hope you'll find the game to your liking so you'll end up buying it. I don't think any of us are into serious raiding, we've got too much to do for that . Then again that never rules out trying the raids out for fun and leisure sometime in the future. Of course I might be too busy trying to find all the datacubes...

I'll send you the TS details soon so you can hop on during the weekend if you want. Oh, and there's no need to worry about the shyness, we're all shy to some extent here.

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Welcome aboard Frank
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greetings and welcome

we can all be shy together and have lots of awkward silences on ts3! ... well ... once im brave enough to login ...
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Welcome Frank!
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Welcome to XSGamers.

The guild name is so apt as it accurately describes some of it's members, especially that Guild Leader Corwen.

Weird is an understatement
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