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I'm bigbadasswolf and I just recently bought DayZ standalone because I saw some squad vs squad action on twitch and thought it looked very exciting. I play DayZ SA and I prefer hardcore mode. So far I have only played alone which is not how the game is meant to be played I feel. I'm applying to have some people to play with and I'm hoping I can get to see some squad vs squad action myself in the future

My real name is Magnus and I come from Sweden but my English is good enough. I'm 25 years old and a third year law student at university. My gaming career started at age 10 when me,my friend, his dad and his dad's friends went to his office on weekends to play Red Alert on LAN. After that I played some stracraft, counter-strike 1.6, wow, dota 1-2 and lots of other games, at the moment I'm also looking forward to trying out wildstar. I have only played DayZ for a couple of days so I don't know the names of all the cities yet and so on but I'm very eager to learn. Because of my education there might be periods where I cannot play at all but usually I play during evenings and weekends EU time.

That's all for me if your interested please contact me on here or on Steam where my ID is Bigbadasswolf.
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he magnus ,

welcome to xsgamers you'll find lots of swedes here ( to many if you ask me a site joke)

a admin will contact you soon
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Hey Magnus

Welcome to the group. Look forward to some Dayz together
I am sure an admin will be on to you soon.
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another one for the good guys! (aka the Swedes)
our plans for XSG(and world) domination going the right way

oh and yes, welcome XD
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Thanks for the warm welcome you guys . Swedish world domination incoming.
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Welcome to XSG Magnus, always pleasant to see another Swede join us

Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to XSG

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Bloody Swedes. You let one in the frickin' door and they all want in!


Welcome Magnus to XSGamers

I'll send over the TS details so you can connect on there and join up with some of the guys while playing DayZ etc.

If you need anything, just shout and leave any of that stinky fish at the door

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Welcome m8
Sometimes here sometimes there
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Welcome to XSG Magnus!
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Hey Magnus, welcome!! We'll meet sometime later but glad to have you with us.
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