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Starter for 10: Looks like a breath of fresh air, as long as the polish of the website and movies isn't just disguising a golden turd! Typical goodies (Exiles) v's baddies (Dominion) fare, but I like the art style they're using. And it has fully customizable housing a la LOTRO. Could be a good one (about time really, many recent releases have 'sucked monkey balls'™).
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The Baddies : Meet the Dominion:

The Goodies : Meet the Exiles:

Protostar Nexus Housing Initiative:
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Yer, and the idea with the housing is that you use can use it to create a battlefield(warplots) that you can later take into PvP matches. Also the idea of the paths system adds more depth to your class and also questing and leveling and also heard that yours paths can affect the way you play the dungeons in the game but not a requirement.


This video was what i first stumbled on about the game shows a few of the features and the dev also talks about some features aswell. The combat system looks fun and i really hope i get the chance to beta test this and the minimum requirements are quite low.
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I like the art. Reminds me WOW. Stylised, cartoony but also crisp and current-generation, which means that those with more powerful rigs can have a sharp version of them in high resolution and those with older machines can benefit from the simple textures to ensure it'll run smoother than most new MMOs.

I always enjoy MMOs more when there is more to do than simply upgrade your toon. Housing looks awesome. SWTOR was the last MMO I was very heavily invested in (I'm still gutted it went F2P and that the F2P option is severely limiting... a single action bar?? WTF!?) and they always end up being lame, so I'll remain grounded 'till I get to play it

(before SWTOR it was Warhammer Online, and we all know what happened there!)