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Yeah, yeah, it's been the butt of jokes for months...but just in case anyone might think we're taking the proverbial...


Yes, it's dark, but as we have no electrics we have no lighting - go figure ;P

And if you look closely (if you're so inclined) you might also see that we have no flooring (just a grey chipboard deck), no plasterboard or plastering to walls (insulation is still on show), and no plasterboarding, plaster or even insulation to roof - it's just the OSB beneath the breather membrane and tiling (which we HAVE done) - YAY!

Oh yeah, and the honeycomb looking window isn't really that shape, we just stuck a bit of reinforcement in the corners so that when we put it out for the brickies to build it, it won't collapse with the first gust of wind.

hahaha - so, now you know - we're not taking the P, we really are windowless ;D
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And I thought you said it wasn't finished yet...