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Welcome to the Recruitment section for XSGamers.

This section is to be used to apply to join any of the current Clans/Outfits/Kinships or Guilds that XSGamers currently run.


Read the following thread (IMPORTANT)
It outlines what XSGamers is all about, it's aims & what is expected of people who join the various sections.

Read the Section sticky relevant to which game you are applying to

Prefix your application with the relevant game you wish to join
[LOTRO] for Lord of the Rings Online
[PS2] for PlanetSide 2
[STAR] for Star Citizen
[BF4] for Battlefield 4
[WS] for WildStar

Give as much information as possible
Include your real name, your age, your location in the world.
Your character name(s) if you have any
Tell us a little about yourself (we don't expect an autobiography )

Admin/Officer response
Once you've applied an Admin or Officer of XSGamers will reply to your thread & help you along the way to becoming a member.
This may take some time, depending upon the time of day/night, please be patient and we'll get to your application as soon as possible

Success or Denied
The application can either be a success or a denial, depending upon if you meet the criteria to join XSGamers and the relevant section.
Either way, once the application has been processed it will be CLOSED by an Admin.

If you have any questions prior to applying, then please don't hesitate to ask via PM on the forums or email [email protected]
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