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Welcome to XSGamers.

Who are we?

Basically a bunch of friends who have been gaming for years & generally know each other personally. We're dotted all over the UK & Europe so don't worry if you think we're UK only, we'll take all foreigners.

We've played games to excess (XS), hence the name, in various genres from MMO's to FPS.
Most members own PC's & some consoles & we like nothing better than to chat whilst playing & generally taking the piss out of each.
We've all got real life commitments, kids, marriages, work etc & play on a casual basis, but most nights.
We tend not to enter any tournaments or leagues as we really can't be arsed with organising such stuff & most of us have played competitively in the past & don't find it appealing any more, we'd rather play for the fun of it & that's what we enjoy the most.

Want to join?

We're always on the look out for new members, no matter how casual you are. As long as you're over 18, or very close and mature, no massive chips on your shoulders, male or female & fancy playing games in a relaxed & very friendly, but humorous, gaming environment then please apply to Join

XSGamers Rules

Here's the simple & basic rules of being within XSG

  • Over 18's only (or very close and mature)
  • Respectful to members, players & Staff at all times
  • No racism or abuse tolerated.
  • We can't abide cheats, past, present or future
  • Wear the [XSG] tags or whatever emblem the Clan / Guild / Outfit / Corp can use
  • All members will be on a short Trial Period until the relevant Admins accept you to the community
  • Interact on the forums & use Voice Comms - We like to know the people we play along with
  • Use real names as well as usernames. Don't be shy, we like to know the people behind the Avatars.
  • Have FUN

*Please note, these Guidelines for joining XSG apply to all games we play.

Told you it wasn't that hard!

Doesn't matter what you play, or how good or bad you think you are, if you think you'll fit in, then please let us know by putting a post in the Recruitment Section
Steam: Gazanimal | PS2: PapaSmurf | Star Citizen: Wise Owl | Origin: Gazanimal
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