X S A w a r d s
Banned from Team Arena tournament

XSGamers was banned from a Team Arena tournament known as FNF (Friday Night Fights) held every Friday night. The winner of the 6-game tournament received gift certificates to Amazon.com as the prize. XSG formed a team and competed for 3 weeks. Each week, we went undefeated and nearly every match was a shut-out.
Admin-Judge: now you don't have anyone to play
Admin-Judge: there is no prize
Admin-Judge: you guys may have single handedly killed FNF
Admin-Judge: I hope that's what you wanted to do
Admin-Judge: how is it fun?
Admin-Judge: when you cream everyone?


Admin-Judge: i am not going to discuss it any more
Admin-Judge: you have ruined it
Admin-Judge: therefore please do not come back